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Swiss Earth Observatory Network


Complex interactions between the Earth’ spheres and underlying physical processes will be assessed using coupled models and observations in a holistic fashion. Backbone of the SEON approach are state-of-the-art observatories, in-situ measurements, and models.

The project consortium focuses on several research topics:

  • Spatio-temporal quantification of ecosystem processes (i.e., NPP)
  • Energy and gas exchange of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Resource utilization and -efficiency of major crop species
  • Exchange processes of aquatic ecosystems and mapping of IOP / AOP
  • Air quality and atmospheric transport processes of NO2
  • Dynamic of the cryosphere and monitoring of snow/ice parameters
  • Modelling trends of agricultural management and impact on soil functions

SEON actively supports young academics and contributes to regular curricula to educate next generation professionals in Earth System Science.

Flight plan. Photo A. Hueni